If you thin your beautiful shout out loud I am beautiful. #If #not# why

That is an asshole way to look at it. Just because your thin does not make you beautiful. Bigger people can be beautiful on the inside and out. So can skinny people. Just saying "if you thin your beautiful" can hurt people emotionally (also its just an opinion not fact). Those dealing with eating problems will dive deeper into sadness. So please for their sake stop. Besides if you get too thin you'll get anorexic thats not good either. So please we all need to put a stop to the need for being super thin and look like a god. We need to just be us.

Did I say I am thin or any thing I just said if you think your beautiful say it out loud

Oh but infact you did. "If you thin your beautiful". So your asking all the thin people to shout out "I am beautiful".

I didn’t mean to say thin I mean to say think

Also I was messing with you a little bit. I do believe in everything I said. But I over killed it. I just wanted to work on my texting skills as well.

Ohk I am really sorry for bad texting

No no its fine everyone does it.


Besides its good to write a paragraph everyonce in awhile. Can't get rusty now. Haha