Ask @SirRatty:

You were eaten by a cat once? How did it feel?

Funny enough that wasn't the unpleasant part. Mind you getting eaten wasn't pleasant either. I also like to state, I've been eaten several times in my life. I try to forget those times. Yes....The most unpleasant part I remember is going through the cat's bowls and being crapped out. *Shutter* I smelled like cat s**t for weeks.
But! In a scientific way I do find it rather odd, that for all the cats I've encountered never once chewed me. They merely swallowed me whole. Surely if I was chewed upon, even once, I'd probably be dead. XD! AH LOL.

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Ratty, I have to ask, is there a potion one can mix that makes one fall out of love?

Isabella Rose
My sweet This...Ah -ahah...I mean my Princess told me about your little dilemma. AND YES! There is one, there are several actually. But tell me darling Izzy, why do you wish to be out of love? Is there a boy who broke your heart? What me to go and break his? *Evil Grin*
I would do anything for a friend. Especially such a cute one as yourself.
.....Though if I did kill him, I would be in serious trouble. *Ponders* Yes..And that is never good...So my dear what will it be? 1) Ratty goes and puts the fear of god into the man who broken your heart or 2) Or I whip you up the correct potion? Hmm

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