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What if your child comes up to you and say: "Dad, you are a motherf*cker, im disgusted to be your son" *slipts on your face*. I know you're probably gonna raise him/her good, but would you still act like that if he/she say and do that to you all of a sudden?

Sometimes we need to scare them in this particular case , not beating them though

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+1 answer in: “Do you think beating children is valid sometimes to correct them?”

"Any Kurd who votes in the Iraqi election needs to first admit that Kurdistan is part of Iraq, otherwise, they have no business voting in Iraqi elections. Arabs weren't allowed to vote in the referendum. Good morning y' #All <3

I don't care.
Ps, you know nothing, kurdistan situation won't remain the same, and your so-called iraqi government your corruption country will never be a good country, remember kurdistan will be a country whether u like it or not the is when your jealousy thoughts will increase insanely , don't send me this shity stuff again.

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