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Do you believe kids born in 1996 grew up more with great early 2000s shows like "Dexter's Lab", "Courage the Cowardly Dog", "Gundam Wing", "Sailor Moon", and "ToonHeads", or total and utter mid-late 00s shit like "Squirrel boy", "My gym partner is a monkey", and "Camp Lazlo"?

How much do you remember from when you were 4 years old? Someone born in 1996 probably missed out on shows on CN that were off the air before 2002 such as Gundam Wing but they likely saw reruns of many early 2000s shows as well as premieres of the late 2000s shows. For comparison the people born in 1996 probably grew up watching Fosters, Billy & Mandy, Ed, Edd & Eddy, KND, Teen Titans and Naruto as opposed to PPG, Dexter's Lab, Courage, Samurai Jack, Justice League, Gundam Wing and DBZ. They probably saw the late 2000's shows during their childhood but what they saw and liked depends on the individual.
Also, don't knock Camp Lazlo. That was a decent show.

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Mitchiko and Hatachin is boring. Why is it on Toonami?

I could ask the same question of many episodes of Attack on Titan, SAO, Blue Exorcist, Bleach, Naruto and yes even One Piece, those last three being slow as hell.
Michiko & Hatchin is unique and does fine or even well. You don't have to watch if you don't like it but you finding it boring does not mean it should not air.

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Are there really people upset about Chiller airing anime? I've seen people complaining about how bad the shows are and how no one should watch on Chiller and just watch the shows on Hulu. Isn't all of that counter productive to supporting the industry in the US and on TV?

I've seen the complaints ranging from the show selection to how they are edited. It is counter-productive to shun Chiller's attempt at a weekly anime block. It's especially counter-productive to bash Chiller for trying.
It's fine to offer constructive criticism and suggest improvements but ultimately if nobody watches this, it's as good as dead and only further proves to other networks that anime isn't worth the trouble.

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Aren't you even a little upset with Toonami's dumb decisions?? They're looking at only what the fans want and nothing else, and honestly, other than One-Punch Man, the shows they're getting aren't doing so hot. It's even worse considering they only have 1 new show that isn't a long runner.

Sure, I don't like everything they do. Like anyone else I am more bias to some choices than others. I think five long running series is excessive for a block that's only working with 7 slots and hoping that's down to 4 if they don't see an expansion next year. I don't think everything they've aired this year or will likely air next year is worth while personally but I'm not the only one watching.
I can't say I fault them for trusting fan demand as much as they do but sometimes people only think they know what they want (myself included) and there is no absolute consensus for what people want to see so lesser known shows are inevitably going to be drowned out by the requests of the more popular ones. Given that I'm kinda of surprised Mob Psycho 100 is currently the most requested show. From what I'm told of Mob it's not exactly the kind of show that you would expect to see on Toonami but pedigree certainly counts for a lot, as it has with Watanabe's Space Dandy and Oshii's Sand Whale and Me. I like when Toonami fans think outside the box and suggest shows that aren't run of the mill battle shounen.
As a side note, Gundam: IBO is something I'm a bit torn on because I very badly wanted to see Gundam air on US television again and admittedly it hasn't bombed so it wasn't such a bad idea to air that one regardless of my luke warm opinion of the series. Likewise while Dimension W was lacking IMO it didn't do badly for Toonami at all so it wasn't a bad call to air that either.
I'm moderately frustrated that Hunter x Hunter isn't airing earlier in the line-up but I'm mostly just glad it's airing at all.
Everything is doing well compared to the rest of cable. Not the best they've done but nowhere near the worst so there's no sense using the ratings as indication that Toonami has been dropping the ball this year. Whose to say how well other shows might be doing in those slots? You can't really base it on how Toonami was doing in 2015 because all of Adult Swim was doing better then and like it or not the bar gets set by the performance of the comedy airing before Toonami. If that comedy isn't doing as well as it did in prior months then even Dragon Ball Z isn't going to do as well as it can.
While I still say 5 is excessive. I see the reasoning behind filling the majority of the block with long running series. Anime fans prefer a revolving door of fresh shows but the general audience prefers consistency. It is my limited understanding that long running series are easier to budget for than a frequently changing line-up. It takes a long time to select shows and long series are usually more cost effective than short series. If a short series is a hit they only get maybe one reairing out of those 10-13 episodes and have to hope the next show holds the audience. I do think they'll find room for more finite series in 2017 though.
It's easy criticize them anonymously but how do you suppose they should select shows and make other programming decisions?

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Please don't kill yourself if you ever realize that there is no god..

Here's the thing about believing there is a God. If there is no God I'm no worse off than people who don't have faith. If it's merely a placebo that makes me feel better about life then it still helps me get through the day when I need it.
If I suddenly thought there was no God the last thing I'd want to do is kill myself. I'm far more at peace about eventually dying because I believe Heaven is real. If I knew of no life after this one on Earth I certainly wouldn't want to die sooner. Life is a precious commodity and you only get one here.
Do you think I've never questioned my faith? Do you think I don't struggle with the thought that a loving creator would do nothing about so much suffering? That's where my faith is tested every day.
God works through people, miracles happen all around the world and here in America we're just blind to it as much as we are blind to a lot of what goes on in the rest of the world.
In America we don't see a need to trust in any deity. We see ourselves as self-sufficient completely whole individuals but we aren't. We are all broken people. We have always been broken. No other relationship, no substance, no amount of money and not even any amount of familial love can fix that brokenness, only God can. Some day I hope you realize that. He'll never stop waiting for you and He already loves you.

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