Ask @Sketch1984:

I think with DBS ending, toonami should air an hour of Super after the Goku Black Saga and when Kai ends in mid June this yr, so i'd say around the summer would be a good idea to do that in order to catch up to the sub, like how Bleach used to be hourly in 2009 on Adult swim, wdy think?

FUNimation can't really speed up dubbing Super, especially with some of the cast living in LA. Super going off the air in Japan was really the only way they were ever going to catch-up. If Toonami doubles up Super premieres it will not be for long before FUNimation won't be able to keep up. If this is actually the end for Super in Japan then what's the rush? Bleach doubled up premieres because it went into reruns long enough for Studiopolis to dub large chunks before it resumed broadcast.

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I have a question, do you think that the new series Toonami wanted to debut is a former Amazon Prime series? (What are the odds of it being one?) *I think its Bungou Stray Dogs*

It’s possible but there’s really no telling how those rights are divided. If Amazon has the TV rights I don’t expect them to use them.
Bungo is CRs and that’s got a fair chance I think. Probably be better to get Re:Zero though, preferably before a Blu-ray release.

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