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Tbh you're soo pretty and really nice and we should talk more cuz I had a lot of fun with you and Abigail and Katie :)

thanks you too! and yes we should!!!

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tbh ILYSM your my fav 7th grader at monroe your so pretty and nice and we need to hAng out soon

thanks Macy ly❤️❤️

Tbh ily your so sweet and really jive and the best locker neighbor and I'm glad we are friends:)

thanks charlotte you too❤️ love you

Tbh you are so nice and pretty and I'm really glad we got to hang out that one day at Abigail's :)

thanks you too!! And me too it was fun!!

tbh we've known each other for so long your like my sis haha! your so pretty & nice & ilysm we need to hang soon!❤️❤️

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thanks kallen ilysm❤️
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