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Jesus is Lord

Thats like one if those really bad dad jokes. Its been around for as long as anyone can remember. So much so that most ppl dont even acknowledge that it waa stated. They just leave it there; crusified, like every other bad joke in existance.

How many vaccinations for CoVid have you had and have you had CoVid?

Just the initial two. I havnt caught it.

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When you look at old photos of yourself how do you feel? I had braces with a bad case of acne several years ago but at least that forced me to develop a “good personality” 😂

I hate photos of myself now.. I dont even dare open the family album 😅

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Why does everyone in LBGT community sook all the time?

None of this shit actually helps. You gave in front of you a platform that can help you learn about other ppl, other cultures and ir topics you are interested in but havnt asked anyone about. Yet ibstead you use it just to debase your humanity and cause unnecassary conflict.
I used to ask 'why' but I dont bother anymore. Its obvious the collective intelligence of the human race is struggling to keep up with technological advancement abd we have replaced bows and swords with typed txt and emoji's. Fuck all of you arseholes. We need a vurus that attacks low social intelligence.
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Any good game recommendations? (Pc or ps4)

troycow3’s Profile PhotoTroy Cow
Sorry Troy; I put down the xbox controller about a year ago and havnt even watched bigfry to keep up with anything. Whats worse than a noob? A noob who wasnt a noob but is now a noob because they missed ome too many updates. 😐

Guys what is a girly song you jam to ? Lol mine is the climb by miley cyrus, drivers licence and hero by mariah carey lol

I dont have many really. But my niece really likes this girl that she studies with. I usually pick them up from uni every now and again. So I go out of my way to make sure 'Ashnikko - Slumber Party' makes it onto the playlist. My niece hates me.. but I laugh and laugh and laugh 😅😅

People who are confident any self confidence tips ?

Read stoic philosophy. Then ask yourself if any of what was written applies to you in your daily life. You might find some surprising fortitude in those musings.

Would you ever date someone with and onlyfans? And why?

Well if I was single (which im not) I wouldnt normally be in a situation where id meet someone with an OF account. So if I did it would be surprising. Wether id continue to see that person or not is completely dependant on a shedload of circumstances all of which would be impossible to list here.

Any tips for making tinder profile better ?

Dont? Go do shit you enjoy and meet new ppl that way. At least you dont have to pass a lifestyle quiz just to have a conversation.


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