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Why am I still not over my ex, that I dated about 8 months ago, he had a gf and everything, but all the time, I just want to message him and just be in his presents

Were you going for a christmas pun or was that an honest typo?🤔

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So you have been a cheater from the age of 18 to now 27 i can now see, embarrassing but cant teach a Old dog new tricks i guess 😂

If youre late twenties and doing this type of shit online? You need to have a serious think about what you are doing with your life. Honestly are you that thick? The fact you can vote scares me.

Why would he lie about the whole 6 to me and kids then never see or hear from him at all what would we have done


If your long distance of a couple of months boyfriend goes to formal with another girl for a night, is it considered cheating?

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Can you suggest a fun and easy hobby to pick up?

I really enjoy woodwork 🤷‍♂️. Its relatively cheap, its a 'go at your own pace' kinda deal and theres no real limit on what you can make. It might seem boring to allot of ppl but I find it cathartic.

Why people don’t want to change

I guess that depends on the change. Change for changes sake isnt always a good thing. But I guess it takes a bit of time to figure that out.

Are you afraid of cockroaches? 😮

badu1234’s Profile PhotoBadu
No..but heres a fun fact. Cockroaches actually hate touching humans. If you ever touch one they will run away and furiously clean themselves after the encounter. 🤔
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Had been chatting with a girl, we clicked and had alot in common. Agreed to go on a date now she has become distant and im sure ive been restricted on her socials 🤷‍♂️


If you had an extra hour a day that had to be allocated to one specific purpose how would you use it?

Id start building a boat.

How do people find the energy to do crazy things after a hard weeks work? Substances? Or just not really actually working?

What do you count as 'crazy'? I find that as long as I eat well and keep my excercise routine in check my energy in the weekends isnt much different. But having said that im not much of a 'party person'.

Have you ever left a connection without good reason did or would you ever tell this person why?

There was always a reason. So no not really.


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