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What should a real man be able to do?

Adorn a path with two mutually pleasing shrubberies from a shrubber, then cut down the greatest tree in the forest with a herring.

Which historical event would you have most liked to attend?

The discover of time travel but I guess I already went to that.... Or not yet or someday....

If you could be half man half animal, which animal would you choose?

centipede, so i can be the human-centipede

If you saw someone shoplifting, what would you do?

I would walk up behind them and tell them to meet me behind the store immediately. There i would explain that we were being watched by the government and weren't safe to talk inside. I would then take them to a safe location, but knowing the government they would capture the person from me no matter where we went. I would eventually find the holding cell where i would knock out the guard with chloroform. I would remove the key from his belt and unlock the cell, at which time i would poop on their shoes and run away. Don't shoplift people, i'll poop on your shoes.

Should animal hunting be banned?

NO WAY have you seen the way they treat plants these days we need to stop hurting mother nature everybody, put down the meat, put down the salad. EAT A ROCK FOR THE CHILDREN

If you were going to be stuck on an island with three celebrities, which three would you choose?

Child-stars, so I could overpower them. Then I would tie them up an use them as bait for jaguars who I will befriend with people-jerky and ride around the island.


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