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I know it's Andrew Clarke you're the only one I have two classes with and I already named off the only two guys in my families class and you said no so good try

hahahaha its not that little fag ahah was he totally embarassed when you asked him?? thats hilarious what a tool
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Lmao sorry I named everyone in my English class, law I can't think of and there's only two boys in my families class sooo

but you didn't name everyone! haha xd
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Wow shit do you think I'm super shallow like that or something yikes

I didn't mean to offend you at all, I just don't know you very well, sorry if I did. I just wouldn't want it to be awkward ya know

Well tell me who you are on here since you have no followers anyway

hmm idk, idk what your reaction would be or how we'd go about it from there, you might tell a bunch of people oh this loser was talkin to me, then i'd be embarassed :o

This is either Chris Flynn, Matt Stefan, Or Jacob waters

none of those 3 >.< only one I could understand is chris flynn though, hes a friend of mine

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