ron paul or donald trump karmeme

ron paul

should i crack open a cold one ;) karmeme

go for it

What do you like best about your hometown?

not too small not too big

What are you always late for?


What is your favorite charity?

the catholic one i cant remember what its called now
caritas or smth

How often do you work out?


Do you prefer to ski or snowboard?


How much time per day do you spend on the internet?

too much

What do you think of the Kardashians?

scum of the earth

How do you know that you're in love?

you just do. hard as fuck to explain

Do you believe that dreams can sometimes predict the future?

i think deja vu has something to do with dreams but i dont think that dreams inherently predict the future

What do you splurge on?

what the fukc is splurge

What are your top 5 favorite albums?

1. Exist by me-al art
2. Umarete Kitakeredo by me-al art
3. Hemerocallis by me-al art
4. Mikymauzoleum by Jaromír Nohavica
5. Blackline EP by Area 11

Honourable mentions:
Bratříčku, zavírej vrátka by Karel Kryl
#5 by FLOW
Babylon by Jaromír Nohavica
Nanoir by nano
Elegy EP by me-al art
Yume ni Saku Hana EP by me-al art
Divné století by Jaromír Nohavica
Pražská pálená by Jaromír Nohavica
Tři čuníci by Jaromír Nohavica
All the Lights in the Sky by Area 11
Isle by FLOW

What can spoil your day?

a fortune teller ayoooooooo

What makes you really sleepy?

not sleeping for a long time

What makes you laugh the most?

ytp videos

First three songs in your favorite playlist?

What is the meaning of the life in one word?


What do you like to cook?

i can't cook

If you had to change your first name, what name would you choose?


What is in your fridge?

food i'd guess

What is prohibited in your country?


What's the latest thing that made you smile?

scuttly's retarded whatsapp video

Best music service? Pandora, Soundcloud or Spotify? tbh

Happy New Year! Do you have any resolutions?



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