((If the Ink Demon was a gem, this would be him. He's literally a mad lad))

((Like socket?))

((Basically he was a loyal gem soldier, but got gravely injured in the midst of battle and, upon the battle ending, was left to die, cold and alone. However, he survived and his sadness and depression soon turned to hatred and rage, which kept him alive until the corruption came))

((I could draw him if you want to rp him))

((Instead of corrupting him normally, his hatred and rage only served to make the corruption enhance his strength and raw physical power, transforming him into Carbon, a hulking monstrous monochrome monstrosity whose body is made entirely out of a reflective black liquid))


((As such, he can launch his limbs and body at foes in a violent torrent of said black liquid, even able to go so far as to duplicate his body parts and shoot them like twisted moving bullets. And, being liquid, he can melt his body entirely or partially, often turning into a puddle as a defense))

((Is he always black?does he have horns?))

((I don't have a full design, but Carbon is mostly black with torn Mickey mouse gloves that have sharp claw like fingers bursting out of them, shredded black Bendy style boots and a permanent sneer/grin that is made out of long cartoonish fangs. And being liquid he sometimes has stuff dripping off))

((Does he have hair or is he bald?))

((I haven't decided yet, but he can though it would have to be black or white to suit his color scheme. Here's who I got inspiration for him from)) https://i.ytimg.com/vi/nYMSiSu-Ebc/maxresdefault.jpg

((I'm trying to draw him so in using your idea I'll make it up than and show you))

((I thank chu fwiend, you da best <3))

((Np buddy :3 what color are his eyes :0))

((White spirals that serve both as his eyes and his pupils))

((Here's a attempt sorry I sucks ;w;))

((Elvis lives XD and it's okay, it's great))

((You should of had a hair idea I thought to weirdly xD you like it? o.o))

((it gave me an idea for Graphite's design, so yes))

((Yayyy sorry if isn't what you imagine I can't read minds ;w;))

((Carbon very vaguely resembles Beast Bendy as well as that Bendy I just showed you, so he's tricky))

((Lemme try again))

((His gem is also covered in cracks, though it's very durable :3))

((Nice i gave up and instead drew bendy i lost creativity ))

((Maybe my latest post will cheer you up :0 a whole Courage The Cowardly Dog episode, reanimated))