Ask @SoggyDonut:

Hey James. I'm rewatching your skyrim streams and every time I go to "past broadcasts" the amount of streams have declined from 20+ to 18. Do you happen to know why the oldest streams are getting deleted? I'm afraid my favourite streams will be removed.

May be a Twitch purge thing i dunno, its not me doing it though. I think older streams have a certain time frame before they are deleted.

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Hey james i heard many people say you're very relaxing to be around and that people feel very comfortable to come up to you. Is this something you actively work on or does it come naturally?

J Toet
I dunno that i could work on something like that lol, if people feel relaxed around me that's great, but i dunno what i do that causes that. Must be the smell of me, i smell pretty good, so that's gotta be it.

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For anyone who would want to start doing Youtube what equipment/software/advice would you recommend?

James Amoriello
I dunno what the standards are for starting now, i'd assume they are a lot higher than when i started. Like you need HD stuff now because that is the standard. So i guess
Hd Webcam or Hd Camera
Blue Yeti Mic (or some condenser usb mic that has high ratings)
El Gato or Black magic for capture
Sony Vegas or Premiere for editing (not much getting around these, i'm sure people can find cheap solutions, but these two are like... super standard now across the board)
Its a lot more pricey these days.

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Ive been streaming on twitch for a year now, I love it. I wanted to create a safe, positive place but somehow I still get regulars who bring up discussions they know I wouldn't want in the chat. How do you handle people who support you, but still go against the type of community you try to make?

I dunno, its hard for sure. Grooming the internet is like, to me, a mundane task in the end. Because at the end of the day, the internet is the internet and there will be good eggs, and there will be bad eggs, that is inevitable and that inevitability grows the more the content creator grows. I guess over 8 years I've just gotten tired of trying to police people online, if i see them being shit, i just ban them, if i see them being cool, i praise them. Discussing etiquette with them tho? Not something i can keep up with anymore.

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I think when people call you beautiful/attractive, it kinda goes beyond the whole aesthetic thing e.g. good looking. To me they mean the person as a whole, inside and out; and I think in that regard you are worthy of the praise.

Oh? Well thank you. I've been through a lot and always try to take steps to better myself going forward both inside and out. Glad that it can somewhat be seen even if i don't see it myself sometimes.

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Does YouTube make dating difficult or awkward? Seeing as you get shipped with any woman you speak to lol.

I'm sure there would be at least some intimidation there. I guess it depends on the person, who knows how some will perceive that stuff. I personally don't really mind it, i never really did. A lot of times people ask about fanfics and ships etc. and i always say i don't mind. How a significant other would react to stuff like that would depend on the type of person they are i guess.

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