You wouldn't say that if you had the pizza where I am from. Probably the best pizza in the country.

Where are u from?πŸ€”

Georgia. It sucks here, but the pizza is amazing. Caesar's.

Well... someday i'm gonna go to Georgia just to taste the pizza:v
cause until now i've only tried pizza from Domino's and it's not the best:(

No, Domino's/Papa Johns/Pizza Hut, they have no comparison with Caesar's. They even give you your own box. The slices are rectangle shaped. The pizza is cheap. Probably the best part about Georgia is Caesar's. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to visit here.

if u say that, someday in the future i have to go to tried the pizza u.u

Do you live in New York?

Noup, i'm here from vacation:v
how do u know i'm in ny?:v

I guessed. So you don't live in America?

Actually yes:v cause we live in the American continent: v

I hope I'm not creeping you out. -_-

Naah, always is good to know new people u.u

Well nobody talks to me here, so I mostly likes posts. I guess my account is disturbing.

Practically I don't talk with no one anymore too:v
And lately I don't post anymore:v

Then why do you keep responding to me?

I mean I don't talk with who I used to talk and I don't write what I used to write πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Is ask the only social media you use?

No, but supposed to be an anonymous account so i don't give another social media except for Twitter:v

I have no friends that's the only reason I use social media. It's never a great idea to get close to people over the internet, bc technically, we're only following the thoughts & opinions of strangers.

My best friend boy was from here and he was the best person I met that yearβ˜ΉπŸ’•
Sometimes result in something good :')