Ask @SombreroNegro:

*gets down on one knee* will you...........cannibalize my heart, please?

Do You Like Me?... -Yes -Definitely -Absolutely!!!!!


¿Dr. Flug está contratado o esclavizado?

¿Cuál es la diferencia?

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Why "Black Hat"? Is there something specially evil in the hat?

Of course there is! The hat is the symbol of my organization, it represents me! And there's nothing more evil than me!

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Do you know the reason why flug wears that bag on his head?

Indeed I do.

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If someone made a statue of you, what position would you choose?

Porque el osos se llama 5.0.5?

Es el número que Flug le asignó a su proyecto

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So.. What were your original intentions for the lovable 505?

It was supposed to be gloriously Evil! The most fearsome and horrible creature designed with- AAAAGH!!! Just remembering makes me fill with disgust. NEXT QUESTION!

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Do you have any friends?

Hahahahaha! Friends, hilarious!

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mr. black hat, sir, do you like cats or dogs better? this is crucial information


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¿Que recomiendas para destruir a los insolentes héroes que me perturban?

La asistencia de la organización Black Hat!

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¿Cuantos super héroes haz derrotado ?

Demasiados! Ya perdí la cuenta de cuántos infelices héroes han sido víctimas de mi malvada grandeza!

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Hey!! Que planes tienes para la dominación mundial mi querido BlackHat?

Demencia! Ya me preguntaste esto en persona 6 veces este mes! Y ahora esto?!

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como le haces para ser tan intimidante y al mismo tiempo vestir como un caballero elegante?

Me gusta ejecutar la maldad con clase.

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Last person’s house you were in?


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What's on your to-do list this weekend?

-Conquer the world.
-Conquer the galaxy.
-Conquer the universe.
-Conquer the cosmos.
-Be Evil.

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What is the most sadistic torture you've ever done?

Too horrible and long to describe it.
Come over, I'll give you a personal demonstration

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If you could have any wild animal as a pet what would it be?

Actually I have one. A gigantic snake I like to call "Lil´ Jack".

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do you prefer magic or science ?!

I prefer dark magic and mad science

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Que habilidades poses??

Piensa en tus peores miedos y pesadillas, en los horrores más desagradables y las más terroríficas blasfemias; pues todo esto no es nada comparado con lo que yo puedo orquestar.

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What is villainous?

A secret evil project disguised as children's television

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are you recruiting new members ??

Black Hat´s army is always opened for new cannon fodder, Errr.... I mean recruits.

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(singing) do you wannna build a deathray ??..

Dr. Flug Slys already build one for me. So... no. Go away singing person!

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Como estuvo la cena de año nuevo con tu familia? si es que tienes Black Hot

No tengo familia y no celebro año nuevo, y tú tampoco si sigues escribiendo mal mi nombre...

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What species are you? Human, alien, animal, or something else?

Jen Foxworth the Foxbeast
Last option is the most accurate.

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About Black Hat:

The mysterious and evil leader of the organisation that provides support and consultancy for villains.

Black Hat headquarters

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