Ok i admit it but wo reporters jo waha visit krky aye hain unki reporting bhi ghalat ho sakti hai? Yr i mean everyone has the right to live independently why not Kashmir?

Firstly, you cannot rely on the media and reporters these days. I can literally pay them and change what you see and believe, according to what I want you to see and believe.
Secondly, the whole scenario is way more complex than we know- both the sides, their defences, the constitution, the conditions there, past... there’s alot of things to be studied before asking questions or forming opinions tbh. And that’s why talking about such a delicate matter on social media platforms like Askfm without studying the maximum you can, is no good.
+3 answers in: “Pray for Kashmir because they need our support. Kashmir ban kr rahe ga Pakistan is a slogan of every Kashmiri out there. 🌹”