Ask @SoraGenNext:

To everyone that say mean things to someone it’s if you can’t say something nice you shouldn’t say anything at all

Ashley Nunn
That should be the case, but then again, some people need to say what's on their minds. I feel people should say what they want to say. It'll show their real character. Doesn't free them from the consequences, but it could definitely turn into an educational opportunity.

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Is it normal to stay single for a while? If so, for how long?

Beraq musawi
I've been single my whole life. It's normal if you are mature enough to understand why you're single. It takes self-awareness. You have to analyze yourself and think about why you don't want a relationship. Me? 1) I don't like babysitting people. I'm selfish. 2) I don't want kids, and getting in relationships almost guarantees that to a degree. 3) I don't like putting effort into my appearance or trying to please anyone with my domestic skills. 4) I enjoy doing things when I want and how I want. The list can go on...

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