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This guy and I are already so close we've been communicating thru phone &social media everyday. We've shared a lot already but my issue is that he doesn't know that I'm gay. We've been on for 3 months I'm planning to tell him ofc but right now I'm scared and Idont wanna lose him :( what should I do?

tell him outright. he's not worth it if he can't accept ya for who you are.

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Hii there! Can you recommend me a jessica fic wherein there's a fierce rivalry to win her (love triangle and such)? I wanted to feel 2nd lead syndrome again. Any fic will do. I've already read all your fics and I badly want to read one.

Hello, uhm... a love triangle??? this one seems fun. :D Oh... thanks for reading and I haven't updated much lately, but I'm trying to write so, I'll probably update soon. :)

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Am I the only one wondering what happened to HaraxSica & PMinYoungxSica friendships?? :/ I miss their interactions so much TT_TT

HaraSica kind of grew distant or probably submerged when Hara's posted picture with Jess got a lot of hate... I think Hara stopped right there because of the crazy people commenting on their friendship. PMinYoungSica were just too busy to get a proper reunion, but they're still very much supportive of each other in small ways. :) I'm quite surprised of Lim Jueun's friendship with Jess. That one's surprising and legendary in a sense that Lim Jueun both starred alongside Jess (in Wild Romance) and Krys (in Heirs). :3
P.S. Nothing beats JungSis though... lmao!

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