What's one of your favorite Soul Symphony memories?

Honestly, at the risk of not sounding cool or humble: my favorite Soul Symphony memories are generally days where I get feedback from readers, or get to read how readers feel about it.
There have been a few key moments where someone has caught up on the archive and left a lengthy comment with their thoughts, or I've seen a post in the tag on Tumblr describing how they can relate to Olivia or something, and it always makes my day. Or my week. It has a huge impact on me, and has greatly inspired me over the years. It genuinely changed my entire perspective on myself as an artist.
Honorable mentions:
-I was really excited when John, Ashley, and Charlie exited Olivia's Soul World and re-united with Olivia and Eric. It felt like the whole team was finally together, and they weren't arguing amongst themselves. It was finally the "cast of Soul Symphony" together as I had always imagined them.
-Coming home from class and seeing people's response to page 313 (The Carl Page) meant a lot to me. The page was mega-long, and I had started drawing it like a month before it was due. Cheesy as it may be, I had really put my heart into that moment, and it was something that was heavy on my mind for a long time. The night before it went up, I stayed up all night finishing it. It's an important page to me, and I felt like I was really going out on a limb with that type of moment. I was so scared people weren't going to feel as invested as I was, or they were going to think it was all dumb or something.
I was so glad to see that people were on board.

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