any big creative projects lined up after Soul Symphony?

My answer to the previous question goes into this a little bit, so definitely check that one out, but I'll go into more detail here:
About a year ago, I started planning out what I wanted to do after Soul Symphony. The plan was to do a new webcomic that was a gag strip with sprinkled in storylines (think Gunshow, which had occasional long stories like Anime Club.) The two main recurring series were going to Living Space, a series about characters based on planets, stars, and moons, and a series called Internet Famous, which is about a boy in high school who wants to become an internet celebrity.
After a while, I decided I wanted to focus on IF. If you follow my tumblr, you've probably seen drawings from it. Instead of an occasional webcomic story, I want to release it digitally as a graphic novel, in volumes instead of individual pages. I still hope to do this, but it will probably take a while. I'm super passionate about the idea and I think you'll like it.
As for Living Space, the characters are very simple and cartoony, so I'm thinking of using their designs as practice for animating, as opposed to using them in comic form.
So basically, yes! But instead of putting all my eggs in one comic basket, I'm going to be trying a variety of comic and little animation things.

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