How did you create the character of Olivia? Where did your initial inspiration for her come from?

By complete coincidence, I happen to be working on one of those *secret Soul Symphony projects* right now that will answer that question in pretty step-by-step detail. But until then, here's what basically happened:
-I was trying to think of a webcomic idea, and I doodled a quiet, dark-haired girl with glasses in my sketchbook one day.
-I decided that she'd be the protagonist, and that she'd be an anti-social girl who had to spend the story reluctantly helping other kids. Over time, she would learn to see the world differently and make friends. She would become more accepting and empathetic.
-I decided to make the comic about high school music geeks, because that's what I was at the time.
From there, most things about her design were made to contrast against her sidekick, John, and most things about her initial personality were made to have her start the story as really, really self-centered and grumpy. That way, she could grow over time.
Fun fact: Before I decided on the music theme, Olivia was going to fight monsters with a pair of magic, laser-shooting glasses.

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