Do you participate in fanfiction at all? If so, what advice would you give to an aspiring writer? I've heard of show, not tell, but is there anything else you'd suggest?

Hmmmm...I've only really done one fanfic (a Homestuck one about Karkat, bless my soul), but I've tried my hand at writing other prose before.
I think it's important to make your writing fun and engaging to read. Think about novels you've had to read for school or for fun. If they were boring, why were they boring? Try avoiding the type of narration that comes off as boring to you, such as long descriptions of the scenery. Your writing does not need to be long or poetic. Be brief and direct whenever you can, and don't worry about trying to sound fancy.
I think that writing from a first-person point of view can help a lot! Have your main character be the narrator. It lets us put ourselves in their shoes and feel their emotions and thoughts in every moment. How do they narrate the story? What details do they notice? What mood are they in? Are they tired, are they excited? The way you word every sentence can do a lot to characterize them and let us see the world through their eyes.
One last thing: your story's ending. Your ending is a chance to leave your reader with a thought or a feeling. We don't get a lot of chances in life for an audience of people to sit down and just listen to what we have to say, but writing a story IS that chance for you. So don't waste it! What do you want to say? Do you have something you want to say about the world, or about relationships, or about growing up, or about school, or about certain characters/types of people? Do you want to leave your reader with a particular image or memory in their mind, or a certain emotion? Do you want the reader to step away feeling motivated and energized, or introspective and reflective?
Don't be shy about what you want to say to your reader. If they made it to the ending, they've been along for the ride. They want to hear what you have to say! You get to pick what they walk away from the story with.

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