Do you have any plans for Valentine's Day?💕😍

I have not thought about it Mia, I honestly don’t think I will do much. A secret between us ... when I went to Costa Rica a year ago I met a girl from Venezuela. I really liked her and I think she liked me too and we became really good friends but nothing else. I would probably call her and say hi. Haha sooo romatntic🥰🤪. HBU?

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Aw haha, that's cute about ur Venezuela chica!! You should definitely get in touch with her to celebrate V-Day, she'd love it!!! & Idk, I've been hinting to my guy that I'm excited about it bc it's one of my favorite holidays but he's been acting clueless so we'll see lol

Haha yes I know the feeling... I mean your guys’ feeling we, guys, don’t seem to get very excited with this holiday. I prefer to celebrate a special day for the couple, like anniversary or such VD seems so commercial to me at least. How long have you been with your guy?

Haha I feel like a lot of guys have that same opinion when it comes to V-Day but I can't help, I love it anyway! & I broke up with Josh a month ago, but the guy I was talking about in my last response is Jason & we're not dating but he told me he wants to ask me to be his girl soon.

So, do you like Jason? He would be lucky to celebrate Val-Day with you. Where would you like to go? I have never taken a girl out for this date but if I was really into someone like you and could go out I think I would go for movies or six flags and then something she would not expect... like cooking for her or something like that

As a friend, tbh. I mean he's cute, but he's not boyfriend material.😒 I have no idea where'd i want to go, i'd just want to do something fun! & It's crazy how're sweet you are Nic!! One day ur gonna make a girl very happy!😊 & I'd LOOOOVE to go to the movies, only to see a horror film of course lol!!

You are so sweet Mia thanks! I hope I can meet a girl who is king smart and mature enough to be thoughtful but who also enjoys to have fun and be relaxed and laid back. I think you have many of those attributes. Haha if only you were 13 🤣 ❤️