Niiiiiiiiicccc!!!!!! How are you?! I've been away bc we had another death in the fam & I've been busy with school & pther personal crap but i hope you've been doing great!!

Hi Mia!!!! I a sorry to learn that about your family. Was someone close to you? Are you ok? I have been busy with school too. A little sick with a cold but nothing major. Hope you are ok my friend ❤️

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Thanks Nic, ur always so sweet :,) & she was my great aunt & I only met her like 3 or 4 times but she was always really nice to me so I'm gonna miss her. But aw, I think I got you sick :( You need lots of soup, cough medicine and veggies, lemons, OJ & sleep! Feel better!!

I know I would love all that care... for some reason I feel like being pampered but not like my Mom’s pampering haha she treats me like a baby. I would love to have someone I like to be sweet and caring when I feel 😷 . I was sleeping but my fever woke me up. Is nice to see your answers ❤️

Haha, yeah but you are her baby 😋, but i get what u mean! I bet that would that would make u feel better in no time lol! & Aw, i really hope you get well soon! Have you been eating soup like i told you to? (& The lemons, they really help!) Btw ur in my top 3 favorite people on here to talk to!!!💕😁

That is very nice of you Mia!! You know Mia means “Mine” is Spanish? Like “ You are mine”. Tu eres Mia! I think of you as La mejor amiga Mia! The best friend of mine in Ask ❤️😘