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Lmao yeah you do look like you bust somebody head open with a hammer or something u look crazy

lmfao oh laaaaawd. I ain't a killa but dnt push me

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So what sup u a blood or a crip

I got from where bangin ain't a option they ask me where I from I say nigga I'm from ... lol

You have a great personality, your beautiful inside and out. Don't let these haters has you up.

thaaaank you thank you (:
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Count to ten in Spanish

lol come on man that's doing too much. I know how I took Spanish for 3 years

Difference between thick fat and chubby

thick - thighs flat stomach
chubby - a little stomach but not too big
fat- I'm sure yall get it by now but when you got a big ass stomach

Why you dont dress more feminine. you a tomboy or something?

lmfao I dress like a tomboy? cause I wear tennis shoes huh? but I do dress girly but only when my hair done


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