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Describe best moment of this summer with one photo!

Glad she dumped your ass didn't even know it happened till I just looked at your ask. Bud I actually love that girl, and she is more then just a the average girl....

That's funny cause that then means she doesn't feel the same way towards you

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You aren't together but she still cries cause of shit you say and do,

then clearly like you said "she deserves better" so if im such an asshole why not find someone better to fill the gap?

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Casey deserves better,

then she can go find better. we arent together

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How do you usually express your emotions?

through sarcasm

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How can you be motivated?


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Who are you closest with

i dont know

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What are you doing Td


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Just a friend

i have some of those

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No classes with you

Lunch? Who are you?

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What classes do U have

What color are your eyes?


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look you believe that you are an asshole and im clearly not going bro change your opinion but you're not an asshole to me

sorry then

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maybe you just don't notice your doing it

how can i unintentionally help people through shit if im not even talking to them trying to?

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you are always there to talk and have helpime get through shit I couldn't talk about with anyone else

i cant recall the last time ive done that for anyone

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quite a few ....

name them

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well I don't. you are a nice person

how many nice things have i done for you or youve seen me do for someone?

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you really think you are an asshole?

i do

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you are not an asshole. I hope you know that

you could tell me this in 100 different ways with 100 different voices and i would think each one of them is wrong..

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youre an asshole lol


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Why wouldn't u two be friends?

Do you think it'd be easy going from best friends to dating the back to just friends? Cause it would be if that were to happen

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Wooowwwwwwwww that's gotta hurt

I said idk and its not that I won't trust her but things might happen then I wouldn't tell her things If we weren't even friends

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You don't even trust Casey with anything ?

I imagine I would but idk

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who can you trust with anything?


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