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Should A-Roid be out for life?

Probably not, it would only be the first time he would be caught/found guilty but at the same time I think there will always be dark clouds around his baseball career. - J.W.

Who is better eli or Peyton?

Joshua Weidus
If you switched Eli to the Colts and Peyton to the Giants. I think Peyton would have at least three Superbowl. Eli probably wouldn't have any.

How do you think the Dolphins are going to do this season with the free agency?

JSalyers1996’s Profile PhotoJonathan Salyers
Well free agency for the upcoming is in process already and most big named players are gone but they did sign Mike Wallace, who can be important to the growth of young QB Ryan Tannehill. They had a good draft and have a shot to at least be second in the AFC East

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