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thank you so much be sure about that 7aqy xoym baziawa yawate. I am totally mature. etr xo life is not only about getting knowledge.

There’s not such a word as maturation, u r not matured, none of us have, hiwadarm bir la fkraiaki jwantr bkaitawa bo finance w para nak la jwankari w taqi krdnaway grantrij mobile sarfy bkai, la kottayya 7aiaty xota mn qat regaw bo dananem bas awat pe alem ka xom ba rasty azanm

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+1 answer in: “to lajey mnbit chi akait? amwe tajmili lwt bkam 7azm leya balam atrsm w lwtm bajorek nia zor nashrinbe bas amawe jwantrbe... to bit aikait ya paraka ayay ba iphone 11 yak? pliz ray ewa grnga bom so respectfully advice me.”

Ok i need a guy’s perspective, if things started on his side with lots of staring.. after talking he said I have someone in my heart not life “heart” so i ended things between us and after 6 months he started to text me and even calling me but I decided to ignore, what do u think he wants?

He might break an melon with his knee, and he probably want u back

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