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God removes certain people from your life because he hears conversations you don't.

It's not GOD. It's cause they'd be too ashamed to talk to you face to face or be able to have a vulnurable convo, so they resort to other ways of defaming your character, cause if they were to confront you, they'd be dumbfounded. Better them away from your life anyway, cause it's cringeworthy how they act in your presence. Life should be about something more appealing.

How do you cheat

You can't cheat if you made no promises or agreements not to, not to mention all those hypicritical dumbfucks that use the word "relationship" only to throw the whole point of building one away anyway. I sure as hell didn't, and yet I didn't even bother to put boundaries and be honest about what I do.

I’m not building with no one who isn’t trying to help me carry the bricks. I am not going to build a empire all by myself and you just watched. Then wana show up when everything completed. It’s over with for all of that.

Respect to that, you're right on point, no reason to stray from that.

Last week of 2022… anything you’d like to say or get off your chest?

I'm glad they all ended up where they belong. I'm glad I took care of myself even when it seemed to be an overwhelming task. I'm glad I trusted myself more than them. They have no idea what's coming to them and I'm glad for that also.
I'm happy I realized what truly mattered to me. I'm glad that I stopped to think before I could've done something I would later regret. I hope next year will be worth the preparation. I believe it'll take me through something I cannot even imagine yet.
There's way more to life than you think, and that's something you deserve to learn at your own pace.


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