Ask @StarryPoptarts:

Heya pals!

Uhh, long time no see.
So, uh, I've been very inactive, mainly because I've lost most of my interest in this site for once. I only get on here for specific purposes. So, if you can, or want, you can add me on Discord if you ever want to talk to me!
Discord: space_modz#7571
I'll add in updates if I ever change it—
But if I do, it, it'd be temporary and I'd change it back an hour later or so.
But yeah! If you wanna add me on Kik, if you use that, here ya go!
Kik: dyingbyboredom
But yeah, I'd recommend Discord since I'm more active there.
Yeah, this is the end of my Ask career (maybe!), but I'll be on sometimes to see if I ever forgot something or want to talk to someone real quick who's on here!
Anyways, yeah, see ya guys..!

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