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What is the most embarrassing thing you ever did in public?

Depends on what your idea of "public" is.
I've called into a radio station when I was really young demanding they play a song because I was holding myself for ransom not realizing how dumb it sounded (that was embarrassing and it did get aired).
I've biffed it really hard while skiing and front-paged a local newspaper with a snap of me with my face in the snow.
I've accidentally discovered a nude cyclist who was bathing in a river with my friends, once. That was embarrassing.
I was hospitalized once and thew up on myself, and when the aide stood me up I promptly peed my pants to boot.
Back in high school we had to introduce ourselves in Gym and I was super-dared by a girlfriend to say "but you can just call me awesome" after introducing myself (The vacant stares were amazing). Gym teacher went out of his way to embarrass me at every opportunity after that.
Also got caught very intently staring at some guy's butt once, like.. Very, intently.

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Do you believe in witches and wizards?

Self-defined witches/wizards already exist so this is a question you can't say no to.
Do I believe in actual "magic" as a supernatural force?

Help me Onii-chan! A tentacle monster has been let loose in my trousers! What do I do?!

Is the tentacle monster attached to you, or is it attacking you?
This is a very important question.

I know you won't ever give me a second chance but just one last question, why didn't you block me instead of unfriend me?

Wait. Who the crap is this?

Why did you unfriend me on steam, I just want to know, please answer me...

'Cause I'm done with you saying something, and then three months later saying the polar opposite and acting like you never said anything in the first place.
I have a keen memory, and I don't take kindly to trolly, manipulative liars who lack a basic personality and can't admit to the fact that the only reason they're kicking around is self-interest.
You are who you are and you amount to exactly one person, not "whoever is most likely to be liked/get what they want at any given moment."


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