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Time for a new app,I am done with ask

sagetoriola26’s Profile Photosagetoriola26
Probably because you keep being a pervert to women that aren’t interested my guy. Either they’re interested or they are not.
Instead log off and truly work on yourself. Go to the gym, dress nice, get goals, etc. I wish you the best but look inwards… women are only half the problem. 👍🏼

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Would you date someone even if their appearance is not attractive but they had other qualities about them

No. Some sexual attraction is important. People keep acting like it’s not until they’re in a miserable relationship which kills both parties self-esteem.

I used to get picked on in school

Okay… go work on yourself as an adult so you don’t get picked on as an adult too 😂 tf

If the need to work was removed, how would you use your newfound time and freedom?

jordan243290’s Profile Photojordan2
I’d keep making music and would keep traveling even more 👀

NYPD h@te crimes detectives doing the hard work to track down and arrest a homeless guy who took a dump on a pride flag and wiped his nether region with another. Good to know they've got their priorities straight! :3

It's because of the state politicians. They are the ones who control the police. Blame your Democrat politicians instead.

Do you believe that money can make you happy?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
It definitely can. It gives you the freedom to change certain situations, pursue hobbies, etc. but it's not all that matters in life. That's for sure

I have twitter, Snapchat, and instagram. If anyone wants my @ message me privately 🧚🏼‍♀️ Or respond to this shoutout ❣️✨

urfairyfaefae5’s Profile Photourfairyfaefae
Another day, another loser OF peasant begging for dollars on Ask through Insta/Snap. society is screwed lmao.


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