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What age did you realize you were gay? When did you come out to your family?

Nah I’m straight. Imagine being so insecure and hating yourself so much you really sent me this 💀
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I’ve let u go, but I’m still hoping you’ll come back even tho it’s been 3.5 years. I’m not expecting it. But I’ve missed you so much and dating new people is exhausting. I love you so much princess 🥺 and I miss saying good morning beautiful❤️

Chill out bro. They don’t care
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My gf cheated. I’m upset but I don’t want to break up. She went on a business trip for a 1 week conference and she said she cheated with a guy at the hotel. She gave me her ig and snap passwords to make up for it. Should I still stay with her?

HELL nah 😂 Dump that piece of trash

Post a quote that you like.

“Don’t trust anyone” seems super relevant in almost every case I’ve been put in

Do you think Joe Biden is doing a good job as the US President? I think he’s done an amazing job!


Would you want to follow me on IG just to be friends?🏽

*Will you follow me so I can look more important than I really am

What's your thoughts on a 19 year old girl dating a 32 year old guy?

Who cares. Both adults. Do your thing

i'm 30 years old, I've never had girlfiend

You’re not missing much. Relationships are stress. Take care of yourself physically and mentally though and put yourself out there more

Do you think school is important? Do you prefer to study at school or self-taught?

Any and all learning is important. Wise people don’t turn down any opportunity to learn regardless of it’s source. They also don’t put down one form or the other.


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