Ask @StephanieAx3:

What do you think of Alejandra?

I honestly love her more then all the words in the world, I've never been so close to a human then her. I feel like she gives me strength. Like its amazing how someone that was a stranger to my life can have such an impact in just 3 years. I'm proud to call her my friend and I would go around the world and back just to make her happy and if she's ever upset or struggling best believe I'll be there I got her back for anything and if she ever falls I'll be there with a first aid kit to catch her.. She's an amazing person I'm thankful her parents made her because I honestly think god was thinking of me when he made Alejandra because of her I'm able to trust and see that there aren't all bad people in the world and because of her I can speak my mind. I'm glad I'm taking her to prom she's my hearts best friend and I know she has my back by any means necessary ✊ she's much more then a friend and I don't love her there's no word strong enough to describe how I feel for her but I know she will always be in my heart no matter what !

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Why do you get upset when people talk about their happiness without having a kid?

Because they think they are so much better than people who do have kids, yes they may have opportunities but so do parents they have the same opportunity but it's just delayed due to the child as all. It seriously irks me like I've seen people as adults with out kids doing worse then me.

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