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How do you learn to trust someone again after they’ve broken your trust?

This is something I also think about.
Never mind if you never again trust the person but you must forgive them.
This sentence gives us two important principles:
1. You must forgive everyone no matter what because you require a far greater forgiveness from God than any forgiveness you many owe anyone.
2. Having forgiven someone does not mean that you have to trust them again. Forgiveness and trust are two separate things.
As to learning to trust someone again I would say rather that the person who has broken your trust must earn it again. How exactly that is to be done I would not like to speculate on as there are so many different situations and each party is completely unique.
I do think though that it is a bad sign if the party who has broken trust tries to apply emotional pressure so as to get you to trust them again.
I hope there is something of use to you in what I have said.
Many, many prayers and blessings! :-) :-) :-)

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Do Blacks in Africa realise that if they keep killing the white farmers they’ll no longer have chicken as they don’t know how to farm or breed livestock?

I don't think blacks in Africa do not know how to farm.
I am not sure that proportionally more blacks than whites are murdering white farmers.
I think those who are murdering white farmers are not really concerned about anyone else.
I pray that Africa will produce many, many saints both white and black and I hope the same for every country and that you too may be a saint. :-)

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Do you hate the USA president? :)

No, thankfully I do not hate him.
We should try not to hate anyone even those who sin terribly.
That said back to President Trump. I follow hardly any news at all and even less out of the States so I know very little about what he has or has not done.
It does seem to me that there are people who are out to vilify him and so this makes it difficult to get a balanced perspective on what he is doing.
From what I know of what he is doing he is doing remarkably well. The North Korea denuclearization talks are a major victory and the economy is doing great!
In principle I support him as he is against abortion and this for me is a very, very important issue. In conscience I cannot vote for a politician who supports abortion.
I would have liked to ask you your opinion too. :-)
Many blessings! :-)

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List 3 virtues that you will definitely inspire your future child/children to have. Please explain your choice.

J o h a n a
Not that I will be having children but what virtues do I think it is important to instill in a child.
I would have to go with the three theological virtues of faith, hope and charity.
Faith - knowing that God exists and entrusting oneself to God helps a person to understand who they are and guides them in how they should live.
Hope - believing that God wants us to live with him in eternity helps one to be positive in all of life's trials.
Charity - loving God opens one to God's love and so also opens us to truly loving our neighbors in the highest way - because of God's love.

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