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what if a person went to a local church and doesn't like it - is this a rejection of god? perhaps the church's service is low quality

The first thing that I would say to this is that there is only one Christian Church and that is the Catholic Church. This is of great importance in response to your question for other church groups have split from her and to a greater or lesser degree hold to the true teaching. This divergence from the true teaching affects these groups' worship and so it is completely understandable that worship not founded on sound teaching should not appeal to a soul seeking God.
Taking what I have said as a given the question still remains is one free then to chose in which Catholic parish one wants to worship? In passing I have a recollection of a Church law which actually required that the faithful worship at their local parish but I might have misunderstood. I know of no priest in Johannesburg who would object to one worshipping in a parish in which one does not live.
That said I do think that parishes and dioceses would be stronger if the faithful worshipped where they lived and overlooked things which displeased them but were not serious or strove for the correction of those things which they considered serious.
In summary once having found the true Church try to worship locally if you can.
I hope this is of some value to you. Many, many prayers and blessings!

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Sadly, we still have people working despite wealthy, no?

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That is an interesting question.
Perhaps it might be charitable for wealthy people to leave their jobs to others.
Work though is a very positive thing for us so perhaps they could work for free.
I would also be concerned that it those who are wealthy stopped working that those who took their place could do the jobs as well, as good workers create a wealthy society.

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Christian is not catholic never was, it goes against every single canon, and principle of Christianity. Heresy. Why do you think orthodox priests refuse to marry catholic couples? Cause y'all fake that's why.

I am not sure that this statement deserves to be entertained.
You seem to be unaware how small the doctrinal error of the East is.

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So what if he made it legal? If it's against your morals just don't do it. Legal doesnt mean mandatory.

Legal does not mean mandatory as you say, nor did I claim that it did.
"If it's against your morals...[what does that matter, there are no true morals?]" This seems to be what you are saying in the second part. If that were true of course you would be right. The reality is that there is one God who has made us all and has shown us what is right and what is wrong. He has shown us this for our good. If we do not do what is right it hurts us and others.
"So what if he made it [immoral things] legal [even conceding what you have said about true morality we could still act upon this despite the law being immoral?]" Sadly we can so corrupt ourselves that we no longer recognize the truth and then the laws being in line with the truth help to bring us back to it. And even when we do recognize the truth we often act against it and the law can discourage us from doing this by being in line with the truth.
The truth will set you free. John 8:32

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How do you define freedom? It seems impossible when people are so reluctant or abusive towards certain topics such as religion.

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I define freedom as doing what is right. When one does not do that then one is no longer free.
I have also felt that people are particularly closed and abusive and reluctant towards certain topics like religion. I suppose we should not let this turn us from the truth. Christ ended on the cross so why should we be able to avoid it if that is what God wants.
I also think, though, that people want what God is offering but they have in mind a false idea of what God is offering and reject him on this idea.
And perhaps lastly we should never despair of anyone for God never does and he works with all his power for their conversion. May the grace of God overwhelm us and draw us to him.
Many, many prayers and blessings! :-) :-) :-)

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Do you remember when you lit a fire for the first time? How old were you? Were you supervised by an adult? Did it mean that you were responsible enough?

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I am sorry, I cannot remember when I lit a fire for the first time.
I have vague recollections of burning various things as a boy does but I am not sure that this would amount to lighting a fire.
I really cannot tell you even the first time that I can recall lighting a proper fire perhaps on a camp in my last year of school and even that I am not completely sure of. I must have lit fires at home for braaiing well before this but I cannot recall one occasion clearly. This more formal lighting of fires I was certainly of a responsible age to do.
PS I might have lit fires as boy to put out with a fire truck that I got, it seems likely.
I am sure far to much information.

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