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Have you always been a pathological liar? Or do you just do it for fun?

No but this relationship was based on lies. Maybe I just learned from the best lier.
Have you always been a pathological liar Or do you just do it for fun

Any yall ever gone 100mph or over

Funny story😂 so I was going over 100 down this one road. Saw the cop.. pulled myself over. He made me take a sobriety test. Passed. He saw weed in my car and asked if I had my medical card. “Yes I do but I left it at home.” Goes back to his car... 5 mins later I’m just jamming in my car till he comes back. Finally he comes to my window and said to me ”are you stupid it’s deer season?!?!” “Yes I know I just felt like going fast.” Hands me a warning for “improper high beam usage.” Tells me to “have a good night and be safe and no more speeding.” Few hours go by i some how ended racing someone going way past 100 😂🤷‍♀️ didn’t get pulled over💯


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