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HI STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVEN umm lemme ask u a q.... what would you do if i gave you 1,000,000 chocolate bars. THINK WISELY -patty

patricia u suck

which people are you closest with from vfkfb?

Courtney, Patricia, Ashley, Mikayla, Melissa, Sarah(washere), Sajda, Megan, Madison and some i forgot

last 10 songs you listen too?

celph titled - swashbuckling
letters to cleo - come on
het verzet - cyhper 1
celph titled - mad ammo
dave navarro - hungry
forgot the rest

Do you remember vfk and that guy called phantomguy_boo? Was he a good friend?

Yeah he's chill its a shame he doesn't play anymore we we're really good friends.


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