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Who was the last person to upset you and why? Who was the last person to make you happy and why?

Dad and dad

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who were/are the best friends you've ever/still had?

Karma, Taylor, William, even tho i dont talk to them much anymore i still miss them

How did you know you were in love with Madison?

I'm not in love with her, me and her broke up and I can honestly say it's the best decision i ever made!

Have you been drunk before? If you have, did you like it and how often do you drink? If you haven't, do you want to?

Alot, and it felt great for a while, But i'm glad i stopped.
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You and Madison are a really good couple. No matter what anyone else says. It's obvious that you guys are dedicated and committed to each other, and I admire that.

Thank you very much mister.


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