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What does freedom mean to you?


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madshearmeroar’s Profile Photomadison
My hair, is NOT a thing to joke about, kid.

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Opinions on Logan Peyton Tiffany Kayla Sam Southpaw and Derrick

Logan: An awesome canadian bro.
Peyton: Love her!!! She's fun to talk to.
Kayla: I love her.
Southpaw: Never spoken to him but he seems like a nice guy.

opinion on: sam, madison, neyomii, kassay, steven, rob, emily, ally

Sam: which?
Madison: I love her alotttttttt.
Neyomi: Not a big fan
Kassay: She's so pretty and fun to be around with!!!!
Steven: That's me, the fucking dictator.
Rob: Luv him.
You gotta be specific on some names yo.

opinions on: robert,courtney,chelsea,will,emily

Robert: He's really sweet and funny I love him.
Courtney: I love her sooo much and i miss herrrrr she's my one and only stoner.
Will: I miss him, we used to be so close, O well hope he's doing alright

pinions on Sarah Quintensessnce, Muddiewaters VFK, Tiffany Saveyourheart, Genie VFK, Dean VFK

Sarah: I miss her.
Muddiewaters: He's really nice and I consider him a brother for being there for me when I needed him.
Tiffany: She's alright, Hope she's doing good.
Genie: LOL
Dean: deannnno is chill and really nice and Ive cammed with him a few times before and once when he was drunk so LOL
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opinions on Chelsea Karma, Emily Posey, Mega VFK Gabby, Ancientmyth Knowles

Chelsea: She's the one introduced me to da old crewww, she's funny and fab!!
Emily: I really dont know her nor have i ever spoken to her but she seems chill and she's pretty.
Mega: Same thing with emily
Ancienymyth: He's really chill and I like how he's honest and how he ain't afraid to show his opinion on everyone

opinions on: sarah,peyton,madison,taylor,derrick

Sarah washere: I love her so much, she's like one of my best friends and the nicest one in here, and I like how we both speak the same language
Sarah (infaliibibsitsnty): We used to be close, Kinda miss her tho
Peyton: I love peyton she's chill and fun to talk to,
Madison: I love this woman.
Taylor: Me and her used to be best friends, Eh I love her and I wish we could go back to being close o well.
Derrick: He's damn chill and Sheldore is afk...
Liked by: madison

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