Ask @StevenMcdowell:

i think its stupid how you and caitlin are best friends, theres no point in that, you either like each other or your jsut friends, not best friends, because we know that theres more to it stupid dick.

tbh i dont give 2 fucks about what you think and if you have a problem with us go see a doctor and cry cause at the end of the day me and caitlin can do what ever the fuck we wanna do..... now go fuckurself

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ho!! longg:)

tbh i dont no where to start so: love you. miss you, you trying to beat me, loving annoying you, beautiful, going to your house, wish u would come to mine more, amazing, cinema, u making food for me, walking about, stealing my jackets, stealing my wrist bands, school, when wit you for a year and hf, sing with your mum, hitting my head of the door, ring my dad i could sat way more i cba casue i would take ages

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