Ask @StopBanningMeYouFaggit:

What's the last book you read?

It's not a book, really, it's a play from the 40s called 'An Inspector Calls', bunch of socialist drivel, poorly structured and I'd say it sums up socialists quite well to be honest.
The socialists in the play did MUCH more harm to the 'girl' the play is about, and with MUCH more selfish reason.
Whilst the Capitalists in the play protected their business (And thus their other workers who were contempt), were willing to give her a promotion, one of them even gave her money and a place to live, but the girl started refusing it.
The young "socialist generation" (Priestley was basically just trying to brainwash young people into thinking this was the future or something creepy) were petty pieces of trash who projected their deserved guilt (one ra ped and got the girl pregnant, whilst one got her fired for simply smiling at her) onto the capitalists who are painted as evil, WHEN THEY LITERALLY AT THE BEGINNING OF THE PLAY TALK ABOUT HOW THEY DON'T WANT WARS BECAUSE IT COSTS MONEY.
JB Priestley go kill yourself.

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