I don't have twitter anymore (because of getting hate from classmates who found out my twitter) so I can't DM... Sorry :(

Don't self-harm. It's not the solution. There will be times when you feel miserable, the only solution is to have faith in yourself. You will get through it, everybody does. You get a lot of hate? So did I. Eventually i stopped bothering about it. It gets you nowhere. Rather, face it, it will only make you stronger. As for the haters, show them that you're happy and strong and this hate doesn't bother you at all. That's how they lose and you win!

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If you are going through something that gets difficult sometimes, talk to us! The anon option is on. :) We are always there to help. Or if you just want to talk, anything really. Happy or sad, we are here for that too. :) We love you guys!!