Ask @SubhanMunib:

yr agr bachi friendship se serious hoti jay to kya krna chahiay..

1- Har jagah sai block krnay ka.
2-Koi msg aa b jaye tou reply na krnay ka.
3-10 din baad 6 7 gaaliyan nikaalay gi aur baat move on pe ajaye gi.
4-Barri si laanat bhej dena apnay pe for manipulating her into a friendship wid u and making her feel you like/love her and end of a chapter.

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Koi larki apkoo purpose kry too kia waqy m purpose kr rhii hoti ha yh mamu bnaa rhii hotii ha😂😂😂😂

Damn, this qaum is so into relationship stuff but still no gud english. Oh and if u r from Gujranwala i wont judge as ppl here have already shown their literacy level by making "Sherr ikk waari ferr" a symbol of tabdeeli yet again.

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Relationships pe kya wichar hein ap k? #STAIF

The truest and purest form of relationship is the one in which two people don't give up on each other. Although knowing that they might not have any future together coz of whole "majburiyan" but still the love they have for each other is so great that it gives them strength consisting of hope and faith. I don't know if that's them being crazy or idiotic but one thing is for sure that kinda love is rare. Though some people get to experience that kinda love but they lose the person as they are not strong enough to hold on. But love is rare coz real people are rare. So hold on to real love coming from real people as long as you can.

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