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Do you support Abortion

Absolutely just let people make their own choices about what's right for their lives and bodies

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Can you be a famous person and still feel lonely?

For sure, I imagine having a bunch of people think they know you without really knowing you is probably very isolating

🌭 You can only use 3 confiments for the rest of your life (including salad dressings) which 3 do you choose?

Hot sauce, mustard, soy sauce

I've slept with over 20 guys. Should I keep this to myself?

I'm sure some guys will get weirded out because they've got weird hang ups about body count. But they'll find out someday if it's serious so I say just own it and ditch the ones that have a problem with it

If you catch your partner & friend in bed together… What is your next move?

Watch unless they invite me in

❓Any particular reason you frequent this app? ...other than the obvious - answering and asking questions

The questions/conversations are usually hornier than the conversations I can typically have with the people I know

what show do you wish never ended ?! 🤷🏿‍♀️

arrrby’s Profile PhotoRare Essence
It's the other way around, I wish more shows ended sooner. They all get tend to go on a bit too long instead of just ending with a nice tight story

Tell your worst or favorite sexual confession. Everyone has one.

Hooked up with my married boss, she was a lot older and pegged me hard

What’s your #1 dealbreaker that would cause you to leave an established relationship?

asianprodigy2’s Profile PhotoAsianprodigy
I think if their views changed over time to become racist or homophobic

Some people on this app should not be trusted don’t you think ?

You should basically never trust anybody online

Why you don’t take care of your daughters

I don't have any it's my main reason but if I did I'd take care of them

If you support freedom for women but at the same time you want men put in jail for 18 years for touching your arm you are a hypocrit.

lol literally nobody wants that


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