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lol Oh you know what I mean!!! XD yeah the "cool" kids at school drink party and smoke... thats pretty much it! haha!! I miss you too! The High School is sooo much better than jr high! But I do miss sitting in front of you in Mr. Robinson's class!!

Yes! If that's being cool, I'll be a nerd. Sorry, I was watching Under the dome!!! And I know, good times that class was :D

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Well I don't know my schedule yet but I signed up for English 12, Pre Calculus, 3 study halls, Mirco Biology, Histories & Famous People, Music Theory, Jazz Band, and Marching/Concert Band :) So I'm going to have a great senior year!! Too bad you're not going to be graduating with all of us :/

It's funny, after I left Madison I liked the people I didn't hang out with as much more than those I did. I am totally a "nerd" now. xD Sounds like you have a fun year, I'm jealous! If I can sneak into graduation I will totally be there for all of you :D

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What's your favorite anime shows?

Hmm let's see it all started with Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Pokemon. Those are 3 of my favorites. Some of the ones I enjoy include Gurren Lagan, Inuyasha, Samurai Champloo, Withblade, ummm Soul Eater was my absolute favorite until I saw Angel beats. Most of the popular animes (Naruto, Fairy Tail, etc) I prefer the Manga versions of, though.

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