Ask @SummayyaAhmedMalik:

Agar aik stranger apko kahe ke wo ap se boht pyaar karta hai, wo apko kaafi arse stalk kar raha ho, us ko apki saari adaten pasand ho, us ko aap main koi nuqs nazar nhi ata ho, phir kia aap uska purposal accept karenge?

Nahi kyunkay even though the stranger knows everything about me, I know nothing about him. Plus the stalker has only seen my online life and what I put on social media. The stalker doesn't know anything about me in real.

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Post someone worth reading! :D

Something that people really have to understand is that no one can steal anyone from you. If say for example someone stole your "friend, significant other, best friend", you're wrong. It's not the other person who stole them. It's actually the person themselves that left you because they were never up for commitment and probably didn't find you important enough. If people grasp this concept, I think it can automatically solve 70 percent of the heartbreaks happening all the time.

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