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//i wanted to be your future, not your past. i wanted to be your destination, not a choice. i wanted to be taken, not taken for granted. i wanted to be loved by you, not forgotten. i wanted to be your best friend, not somebody whom you used to know. i wanted to be your sun, not the darkness in the place where there is enough light. i wanted to be the best thing you ever had, not the worst mistake you ever made//

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Zia Abbas
I am a female and I get judged for being a female. My gender is has stereotypes like "Weak". When a boy can't run like the other boys, they them him "You run like a girl." When a boy writes poetry, they call him a girl. When a boy sings and dances, they call him a girl. When a boy does anything that isn't considered "Manly" enough, he is a shamed by using my gender. Tell me. What's so wrong with running like a girl? Fighting like a girl? Talking like a girl? Acting like a girl? And if a man cannot perform these actions "Manly" enough, why do we judge him and say "Bachi hai yeh to." No. My gender is not something you can use to shame someone. I fight, talk, walk, run, sing, love, work like a girl. I am girl. Doesn't mean doing something like a girl makes me weak. A girl can be a fighter. A stronger one than the "Manly boys." A girl can be everything.
Dear absurd men and judgemental creatures,
My gender is not shameful. Stop making me feel like as if running like a girl is a bad thing. Doing anything like a girl is bad thing.
Me & many.

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