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Why he is irresistible?

It'd be easier to answer why he isn't. People are oceans..each as deep and complicated as the next. To find someone who no matter how deep they go, aren't afraid of what they'll find. Because as scary and deep as you can get they stay. He showed me that love exists. Complete and unconditional love. Flawed in many ways, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Everyday he gives me a reason to feel blessed to have him in my life. He makes me better person, I've grown with him. Even when I'm at my lowest..he makes me feel okay. He makes me believe I'm okay. On the outside he's just any other guy, but to me he's what everyone prays for and what I'm unbelievably thankful for.

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😀 So you want to open a Salon😊

Allah Ka Banda:) much. Like It's one of my biggest dream overall not just job. I believe it's a great business and it's something I understand and have passion for, considering I've worked in multiple Salons before and study it in its entirety..I've also seen the endless flaws in the system that I wish I could control and fix in my own Salon. InshaAllah :)))

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