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I cant get through on my local radio station .all i really wanna know is. How i can get slow jams during the week

Great question! Just contact your local radio station and ask for it! Make sure you hit their facebook and twitter pages, and email them through their website. You can call too--please ask for the Program Director, that's the person who makes those decisions.

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Would you be interested in the Route 66 casino banner from when you played here? It's huge, 14 ft. x 48 ft in great condition. $400

Marc DaCamara

What's the banner of? Please email me rdub@slowjams.com

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How can I download some of your shows?. I have one downloaded on my phone I can listen to anytime but would like some more, is that possible?

Yes. Search "Sunday Night Slow Jams" in the iTunes store and subscribe to our podcast.

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Sup RDub?, first of all great show as always, have you considered djing live stream when you do your shows?

We do. Live stream at slowjams.com

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So how do i send a dedications

We don't do dedications, but you can make an "Oral Expression" by clicking the oral expressions link on the website or calling us at 1-877-209-0631.

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plz give me a site with Sunday Night slow jams plz


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I'm in st.vincent and the grenadines at home relaxing listening to slow jams from the 29th

Ahhh that's right. Please contact me through the "contact" page at slowjams.com so we can come up with a plan.

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Hey I'm gonna make contact with the radio stations here and pass the numbers on cause your arwsome and thanks I've been waiting for an updated podcast I got the 29th and I'm playing it now with my girl also called and made a oral expression for the first 💪🏿

Where are you?

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I'm trying to log on to slow jams.com

Not sure what you mean by "log on." There is no logon or password required to visit the site.

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Yes I think they would I could get some of the numbers for the top radio stations in my country if u would like to contact them

Ezra Robertson

Yes please!!!

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I'm trying to log on to the site but it's not allowing me because of the country where I am what can you do about that

What website are you trying to log on to?

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Hey I'm from st.vincent and the grenadines and I normally wait for the pod cast so I can listen to sundaynight slow jams but for the last 2 weeks I have not gotten any is there something wrong?

Oh my gosh, sooooo great to hear from you!!! In October I saw 10 Caribbean countries from St. Lucia to Dominica, etc. My St. Vincent flight was canceled and I was so bummed I missed it. Super sad. I hope to come visit soon!!!

Podcasts will be back up soon, thanks for your patience.

P.S. Do you think any radio stations there would air my show?

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I remember a long time ago there was tv stations that had these things called music videos. Midnight Love, Video Soul. Me and my lady were talking and I thought, how great would it be to have a Slow Jams music video station? Any way that could be a new venture?

It's so crazy you say that...I've been thinking of this idea for some time now, YES!!! I just need the right people to believe in the idea too!

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hey R-dub i listen to Sunday night slow jams every night that it plays on wild 106.1 and i love you guys so much.My birthday is next Friday and i was wondering if you could get me a signed photo of you?I will even give you my address so that you can send it to me that would just be a dream come true

I'd be happy to! Can you please provide me with your email address?

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How can I dedicate a song to my fiancé and have him hear the dedication

Visit slowjams.com

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It was this sunday and I was on 99.3.

What city and state please?

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I was listening last night but I didn't hear you on. Are you going to be on tonight?

I was on last night. What station were you listening to? And in what city?

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Around what time do you do your Oral expressions online?

Every night on the show! Second and third hour on Sundays, on weeknights, second hour!

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Okay so I have not heard my oral expression once, R Dub please help me, I'm going insane! Wat now?

Hi there! We get 10,000 every week and try to get as many on the radio as possible.

Here are some tips: http://www.slowjams.com/why-isnt-my-oral-expression-playing-on-the-radio/

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How can i get the podcast???? sincerely Linda Phipps

Search "Sunday Night Slow Jams" in the iTunes store or your podcast app. You can always go to www.slowjams.com and click "podcast" too!

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Is there going to be a slow jams concert I tucson az? This year?

Yes, August 20th.

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Will there be a slow jams concert this year in tucson az?

Karina Moran

Yes! August 20th!

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At you gonna be hosting slowjams tonight

amy carbajal


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What's your favorite color?

Depends. I love just about all colors.

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Im not sure how else to contact you but through email is that okay?

You can call us anytime at 1-877-209-0631 or send an online expression through our website: www.slowjams.com

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