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Do yu get jetlack, and howndo you handle it

Of course, travel is always tiring, even if it's in the same timezone lmao. I don't think there's any trick, just embrace the time differences! Lots of iced matcha lattes of course helps.
If you get to naturally wake up early as a result of the time difference, that's great! If you have to force yourself to wake up early to acclimate to the new timezone...you just gotta do it and treat yourself to a coffee or matcha. Usually the excitement and adrenaline from traveling and being a new country kicks in and you'll be fine.
The worst part of jetlag is when you return home LOL.

Top 2 fav boba driniks

I love a strawberry banana smoothie or an avocado smoothie,
or, a matcha or hojicha latte!

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Utah is such a cute annual tradition. What r some other of your traditions?

Ice skating! MP and I ice skated for Christmas even when we were just dating and not yet bf/gf and so we try to go every year.

Is living in the USA expensive? Do you live comfortably?

Yes, the USA is so expensive!! Of course it varies depending on where you live, but still the infrastructure in the US is just very expensive. From ridiculous home prices, insurance, cars, gas, food, inflation, it's crazy!
But yes, I am very blessed and live comfortably.

Does mp also thrift

MP likes to thrift even more than me! He can thrift for hours and loves it even if he doesn’t find anything.

where do you typically thrift

Goodwill is solid because it’s mostly clothes (and that’s what we like to thrift). That’s pretty much the main chain we go to (American Cancer Society thrift shops are good too if you see one), besides that we will go to whatever random thrift shops we happen upon! We also sometimes have “thrifting days” where we will drive around and hit up a bunch of thrift shops.
LA of course has amazing thrifting.

Cant wait to await to see ur costume this year!

Haha thank you!! I don't think we can ever beat Kamaji, but it's still fun!!

Do you habe your own gel nail lamp

I do not! I've thought about it, because getting nails done can be so expensive. But I'm really not good at doing my own nails >.<

Have you already started your xmas shopping?

Yes! I xmas shop all year long lol, but I've a couple more I need to get.

Hey I bought that same h&m dress you linked! Consider me influenced. 🥰

Awh yay that made my day. Thanks for letting me know 🥰 I’m sure you’ll look great in it! It’s such a cute little dress~

Luv luv luv your sunnies post! Cute seeing your haul. Thing about sunglasses is its hard to tell what they look like on. Should have added pics of you modeling all of them!

Thank you 💕 Yessss, you are right, it would be helpful to wear the sunglasses to show what they look like on. I thought about it but I was lazy + no one needs to see my face that much lol.

How many days was your Jap trip? Was it to long, to short, or just right?

Our Japan trip this was was almost 2 months long! It was too amazing 😌
I think any amount of days is travel is good, just get out there! For us, it was just right. I wouldn’t have had it any shorter 😜

Have you played golf before? Not minigolf!

Nope! Doesn’t appeal to me but I don’t mind to be a passenger princess in the golf cart~

Recent buys?

I bought a couple of skirts off of Amazon for an upcoming OOTD post (if they're cute lol). Will share if I end up wearing them! If not, will return them~

Ur fav anime

My answers are pretty mainstream but my top 3:
Fruits Baskets - My first real anime, nostalgic and cute.
Ouran High School Host Club - Probably my #1 favorite anime, I've watched it several times. It's so funny and cute. When I went through my high school break up, I rewatched this several times over to get me through the sadness LOL
My Hero Academia is pretttyyy good and right up my alley. I've always liked super power animes and animes with different/strong characters

Do you change into 5 diff outfits before going out, or do you know what to wear immediately

I wear pretty basic clothes / the same ish on the regular, so it doesn't take me that long to figure out what to wear. Sometimes it takes me a little bit of time to decide (usually if the weather has changed, or if it's that time of the month or if I haven't done laundry in a bit LOL), but I hate taking a long time so I usually nip it in the bud real quick bc i dont rly care what I wear. And I almost never change into different outfits because I'd rather just go w the first outfit than go through the effort of changing LOL. Whatever outfit is fine w me and will suffice, I'm not picky.

At what age do you see yourself having kids? And how many do you want em

I would want 2 kids but not anytime soon please, LOL~

Whats something new u learned recently em!

Bees kill more people than sharks~ It was a fun fact on the screen when I went bowling the other day lol.

You would look so darn pwetty in a fall red, maroon, or burgundy hair! You should dye your hairnfor a change. Blonde would be so bombshell on you!!

Thank you! I would dye my hair if it wasn't $$$ lol - I was once offered a free hair coloring by an "insta friend" but I got too shy and declined LOL.

Blessed by another OOTD post!! Ur so beautiful. Love it! Love your outfit choices! Sending love!

Thank you!! There are so many other fashionable ppl out there (way more fashionable than me)! & I usually dress so basic LOL so we'll see if I continue to share outfit posts xD

Hi Hun! Do you buy most of youre clothes frm Amazon? Where is your black dress frm!

The black dress is thrifted vintage! You have to thrift and search to get vintage pieces!

Do you go to therapy or ever gone to it? In person and telehealth? would you rec telehealth therapy or is in person so much better

Hello! I personally don't do therapy so I can't recommend one over the other. But if you are needing some help, I bet getting started with online therapy may be good for dipping your feet wet into therapy and for convenience.


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