Ask @sundayswithemily:

Who is more deeply religious? U or ur bf?

We help each other in different ways. But I will say Michael is very knowledgeable at it - he knows all the stories of the Bible and is constantly trying to to center everything around the Lord.
I am still learning but I was the one who convinced him to join a church community :) He did NOT want to go. And I was the one who convinced (low key forced) him to serve at the church because yea he did not want to do it!! But I gave him the push he needed and now every weekend he is like “WE ARE GOING TO CHURCH AND NO ONE IS GOING TO STAND IN MY WAY” 😂

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Do u ever take urslef out on dates or do things alone

Omg I am one of those people that could never eat out alone!! Unless it’s like at a cafe or coffee shop to study. My cousin says he ALWAYS eats dinner alone and I’m like “😭😭😭 cousin I will fly to Oregon just so you don’t have to eat alone” but he’s like “Eating alone is the best though!!!”
But yes I often go out alone to work. And then ofc go out myself for various self care, though admittedly I should make more time for that, like perusing farmers markets, errands (I enjoy being productive), grocery shopping. I haven’t gotten my nails done in a long time so I would love to just nap in the chair as they give me an arm and leg message and make my nails cute

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