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Fav hot sauce em?

I don’t rly like hot sauce so I haven’t tried many, but I do enjoy sriracha on stir fried noodles!

U hit the jackpot w MP! Who do u think will play a bigger with ur kids, mp parents or urs

MP’s parents really want grandkids soon!!! 😂 I was shocked!! Michael said that and I was like “I doubt that” and then when we brought it up, they want kids like yesterday!! Michaels brothers are all single, so the pressure is really on us LOL. Michael is also the oldest of his siblings.
So I think Michaels parents will play a bigger role, along with my dad. I could see my dad being the one who picks them up from school and stuff!

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What r the best sandal brands em?

Rainbows! I’ve had mine for 5 years and I wear them almost every day! And they’ve been through the ringer and waters of other countries! Very worth it for the $50~

What r some cities u wanna next or soon?

In the US: Seattle, Maine cities, the Hamptons
Outside of the US: Andalusia, various Greece places, rural France or south of France

Who has a better sense of direction/gps, u or mp?

Me! But I think I just have better memory / am more aware of patterns/signs etc.
But if you ask MP, he would agree but say that he has better “instinct” (ie if we are lost) and that I am bad at giving directions because I always forget to tell when to turn 😅

Do you consider your self to be a romantic person? Or are you working to be more romantic em?

I used to be rly romantic when I was younger...but nowadays being romantic is doing the dishes 😅

If ur parents offered u to help u with a downpayment wud u accept?

I think my parents should enjoy their own hard-earned money

Whats ur fav cereal em?

Random but Fit Chick Granola as cereal is soooo good! It is a local granola we used to sell at the Studio.

Go for the custom! Adds to the home value. PLUS, gorgeous look will instantly put u in a better mood!

This is soooooool true. I’ve decided to go with an IKEA wardrobe but I am going to do custom doors! I thought this was a good compromise.

Plz bring back the daily ootds!

Thank you!!! The world is so crazy right now so I think it’s quite insensitive to post right now but soon!!

What is ur fav style of french fry?

Soggy McDonald’s French fry!!! Or potato wedges from grocery store delis

Where did u get that jacket from the party you planned for work?

That’s one of my bosses in that photo! She said it’s from Zara :)


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