Ask @SunnySmile2413:

Hi! Do you use a Dell laptop or an Apple laptop for editing? I use Dell (Windows 10) but it's ALWAYS crashing; it makes me so uninspired and lazy. I really want to switch but want to know if an Apple computer + Sony Vegas is worth it. Thank you!

I use Windows! I've heard Apple is a good system, but it doesn't really support Sony Vegas. There are some system loopholes to make it work, but you might be better off with a different editing program.

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Sorry, I explain horribly i'm probably just making this more harder than it is. I put pic as example of what i meant: so like how the first clip is still there in the second but faded out? i know it has to do with tracks but is it under or above and is it on overlay/screen? ;;

Nothing different. Just placed the clip under the first! I would show you but I'm away all weekend. But there's no transition presets or anything.

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what are your top favorite gay otps? so far I've only watched the real popular ones like malec, thiam, coliver, elio and oliver, isak and even, merlin and arthur and i think you watch shows that are a little underrated or at least i don't see them used often and id really like to see your list

Apart from what you mentioned, it's mainly:
Draco/Harry (Fic)
That's what I can think of from the top of my head. I have more lesbian ships because that's what I relate to most, but I think you're just asking for m/m here?

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hey, zoé! do you have any tips to make a channel grow? cause i feel it's kinda hard especially because a lot of people only choose bigger channels to join collabs and stuff (of course there are exceptions). that's not my priority but i feel very invisible in the community if you know what i mean?

I think it's mainly just about...inserting yourself everywhere? I don't mean linking your work but, just comment on a lot of videos, join groups and collabs, talk to people, etc. A lot of people feel self-conscious about doing this, but I swear people around here love to talk, and especially love getting comments! And I know I often check out the channel of nice commenters--I'm sure others do too.

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