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This seems cool. Let's try it! Idk there's no point to this just pick 1 I wanna know how this works


can you recommend me some movies to watch? i also would love to edit more movie ships and make a multicouples video but i'm really stumped when it comes to think of movies. i have a lot of nicholas sparks movies, leap year, etc. but do you have any ROMANCE kind of movies that you can recommend?

I'm not really into most romance movies, sorry. :/

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Hi <3 I dedicated this stydia video to you :3 hope you'll like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MryhF21yICs


I watched this video a little after it was posted and loved it, but didn't realize it was dedicated to me! Oh my, thank you so much! It's absolutely beautiful!

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I'm sorry if this has been asked before/it's annoying lol but now that stydia is canon are you going to update 101 reasons? 💖


Please read my many comments on the video, most notably the pinned one I added from getting this question just 14 times today. 😂

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When will you post the TNC resoult? :)


Probably around mid-February!

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oh don't worry i don't think you're stupid, i was just wondering! :) <3


I figured from the way you worded it, don't worry. I just have a lot of people who try to make fun of me for it, but it doesn't really make sense. xD

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I realise this a question you're probably annoyingly asked a lot but if you don't torrent how do you get your clips? Do you solely DVDrip, or?


Mix of DVD's, iTunes, mega or uptobox uploads, & friends who love me enough.

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Hey, Zoé! I was just wondering if you could tell me which coloring of yours Gabby used in this. Thanks in advance! ✨https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fx9ue31yRRw


Um, I think it's Valentine? But Suicide Squad has some weird colour grading in the movie that I'm not familiar with so I can't be sure.

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Hi! Zoé http://ask.fm/SunnySmile2413/answers/137173246172#_=_ the link is available :( And how do you use that overlay? Thank you ❤️


All overlays I use are on my website, that's why it's there. As for how to use it, well that's up to you. Everyone has different techniques for how to apply overlays!

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how would your parents get fired if you torrented?


They have a government funded job where they work from home working on computers, which means our entire network is connected to theirs. Their coworkers get fired for illegally downloading all the time.

That's just something I would never risk, so those of you that think I'm stupid for not torrenting, realize there are people out there with different situations than you.

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Question Day #16: What kind of ships do you usually ship? Is there something all of them have in common? What is it? (ps - those of you who are participating in Challenge Day #15 pls check my latest answers from time to time for additional rules and updates.)

Editing Fun Zone

Generally, I ship canon ships, even before they're canon. It's like I have a sensor for it.

But, of course, they all seem to betray each other, and have one half of the ship die. Also memory loss, it seems. So I guess I have a sensor for that too.

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Could you show your render settings? You are such an inspiration ♥


It's just the wmv 1080p preset; nothing special!

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hi zoé! i was hoping if you could screenshot your gaussian blur settings that you put on the clips before the standard transitions (hope you understand that) thank u!

hannah {xmetahuman}

There's no standard settings I use. It's different for every clip!

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Hey, darling ❤️💫 Can you please tell me where did you get your Doctor Who episodes? Thank you in advance c:


I just answered this 2 hours ago. :D

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Hi! If it's not too much to ask could you pls tell/send me where you downloaded the dw episodes? I can't find one with good quality anywhere. Btw, it's totally okay if you rather not!


Seasons 1-4 are the Bluray, and Seasons 7-9 are a mix of iTunes and friends who sent them, so I can't really help you there, but I got seasons 5 and 6 from lovelylogoless on Twitter.

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Challenge Day #15 (Preparation): Please read carefully! http://ask.fm/editingfunzone/answers/140643384587

Editing Fun Zone

It depends on the deadline after the challenge but I want to give it a chance. :)

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do you gonna to extend the TNC's deadline?

- ̗̀ katherine ̖́-

I already did...

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have you watched Sherlock season 4? and if so, what are your thoughts? and btw, you are very inspirational to me, and keep doing what you're doing because it's awesome!


I've seen episode 1 (I'm still so sad 😭) but I can't watch episode 2 until this weekend. I might make a video, depending on inspiration and time.

And thank you so much for your kind comments! ❤

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screens of upcoming a video? (Ignore if already answered a previous question similar to this)


I haven't been on the computer for too long so here's a screen I shared to some friends like 2 weeks ago.

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at any point in time of your vidding journey, did you ever feel like you wern't good enough at editing, and did you ever get discouraged, and did anything to do with editing effect you personally? this is probably a weird question, but this is just sometimes what i feel


No, not really. I mean, sometimes I would get frustrated, but most of the time during my early editing I actually didn't have a YouTube account. That kept a lot of the pressure down.

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You should see her videos they're very good https://youtu.be/In8qpW5rwjE


Yes, I'm actually a friend of hers!

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is it possible for you to share the link for sony vegas pro 14? i really don't want to get a virus on my new computer.

emely g

Unfortunately, my link is worthless unless it has a license key, which I cannot give away without risking my own Vegas. :(

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hi! i was wondering if loadtv.biz & uloz are safe to use? like you cant get in trouble for using them?


As far as I know, it's safe. The reason people get in trouble with torrents is because as your downloading, you're seeding to other people. Of course it depends on your situation--some work places can fire you for downloading music from Youtube. (Though, this requires a full connection to your home network.)

ANYWAYS, I don't know anyone who's ever gotten in trouble for those sites.

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Hello, sweetheart! ✿ How's your day? :) I wanted to ask you on youtube, but thinked you wont answer or don't want it, but i really want you to be on my CELEBRATION collab <3 But if you don't want it's okay. :) Have a beautiful n' amazing day! ✿ link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7udF3ODrajs


Hi! Unfortunately, I don't really have time for things other than my own vids, so I'm saving my time on collabs for birthdays! I hope you understand; and feel free to ask when your birthday collab is coming up! ❤

Also, it seems to be muted. :( Just thought I'd let you know!

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